New: Grand Tour Intaglio Cases

September 3rd, 2021

Diamond, rectangle, square, triangle and octagonal shaped shaped display cases filled an array of candy coloured cast 'Grand tour' intaglios.

Inspired by the famous Cobbe museum’s collections of colourful ‘medallion wafers’. When hardstone cameos and intaglios produced during the Italian Renaissance period, were so rare and expensive they were reserved for only the richest collectors. The more modest ‘grand tourers’ sought out reproductions in glass and plaster or red or white sulphur during the C18th and C19th.

Cast in two parts from Bridie’s own small collection of antique plaster intaglios, in Jesmonite. The intaglio reliefs are picked out in a milky cream while the body of the intaglios come in a selection of candy colours taken from the earliest examples of Wedgwood jasper ware.

Displayed within a beautifully handmade wooden case. Lacquered, gilded and painted in sublime colour combinations picked out from the Aubusson, Verdure and Gobelin tapestries.

Make an impact grouped or hung individually. No two intaglio cases are ever the same, each collection differs slightly. Exclusive to Pentreath & Hall Ltd. 

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