Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is - Jackson Pollock

December 31st, 2015

Going by the quote if I am any good as an artist then I am indeed a white room!


I spent a rather enjoyable period between Christmas and New Years painting my studio white, painting out the malachite paper and putting up the Rocque map of London – which is available to buy in our shop.

Weirdly, it feels like a real space now, in a way I’ve never experienced before. I’m spending a lot more time in there working the result being immeasurably more productive. It was blue with a wall papered with the Fornasetti malachite that I used to photograph work against. It looked smart to begin with but I found quite hard to live with. I’d always planned to change it every six months or so, this has been in situ for two years, what was I thinking. As much as I love colour, I’ve never found it easy to have on the walls, removing the blue and replacing it with white only confirms these beliefs further.



AFTER – my happy place






I’ve finally found a home for my set of six 1950’s Fornasetti plates depicting Italian cities.



Decorating my main office is next on the list, we’re waiting for quotes from the decorator’s, I was right, I’m never going to put the hessian up myself. When it is finished it will be super chic, Yves St Laurent eat your heart out.14.-Yves-Saint-Laurent-in-his-studio-5-avenue-Marceau-Paris-1986

I’ve just updated my glasses prescription so I have his glasses – one step closer. And my desk is going to face into the room.

Even though I started this blog praising white – Brown everyone – 2016 is all about brown.

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