Too much weather & a drastic measure.

May 2nd, 2012

The recent wet London weather has really been getting to me. I think I have physically felt my vitamin D levels deplete, whatever that feels like. The sky has been grey for as long as I can remember- am I living inside a Tupperware container? Last week, I had to do something about it.To down tools, stop checking the weather forecast, stop moaning about it, stop swearing at the sky asking it if it knew where Spring was. If Spring wasn’t coming to me, then I was going to go find it.

There aren’t many times in life, when all a girl can do is log on to a travel website and book a trip to St Tropez, but this was one of them.

I found the charming Hotel Pastis online (the main reason we ended up in St Tropez), booked four nights and two flights and away we went, with nothing more on the agenda than to read, sleep, eat & be in the sun. I cannot tell you how restorative the sunshine was after such a long spell without.

I felt my mind clear and I found peace. I was greatly inspired. I designed and drew out a new range of trays and all of my packaging labels.

I read a short, useful book called “You are what you wear”, and when I came home I emptied my wardrobe of everything I have never worn which was one of the best feelings.

I was reminded of how simple the Mediterranean diet is, so since I have been back I have carried on eating fish with mozzarella and tomato salads for dinner.

And if I feel the weather blues creeping back, I close my eyes and imagine the feeling of the sun on my face poolside and start planning my next escape.

How dinner has been since we’ve been back.

Of course all was forgiven. On the way to work the first morning back I walked through this small park as I normally do where it was raining blossom petals.

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